President of VINCENT HOMES, Vincent Marcellino brings over 30 years of construction experience to the building trade. He is a builder with a vision and eye for detail.

VINCENT HOMES offers a range of homes to fit your needs, from modest homes to your larger scale custom designed homes and anything in between. Many of our home buyers are first time home buyers and to hear them say " they never thought thier first home would be a new construction with the opportunity to also make the final chioces on the flooring, paint color, cabinets, lighting etc," is our biggest pride.

We can build from one of our plans, we can build from your plans or we can create something just for you, which ever way you decide to go, you can rest assure that your new home will not only fit your personal needs for years to come but it will also be the envy of the nieghborhood.

We look forward to working with you!
Vincent Marcellino, President